CottageCore – Welcome to your Cottage Time Machine

If you were born in the 1970s or even the 1960s, then Pyrex, CorningWare, Corelle, or Tupperware may all bring back memories of morning coffee and afternoon tea with Nan—or your family potlucks.

They were also the carrier of choice for cottage trips because they were heavy (no sliding around on the floor of the car) and ovenproof. Hopefully, you were not on the washing-up end of a reheated cottage pie! 

Let’s cruise down memory lane. 

Remember that Spice of Life Dish with the earth-toned images of vegetables that included mushrooms, artichokes, and garlic? There is nothing more quintessential 1970s than that. You probably ate the best mac n cheese or tuna casserole in that thing. 

What about those Anchor Hocking milk glass mugs with the funky tulips? Or the Pyrex Mugs in retro shades of olive and orange? 

Sandy Haven Cottage

At Duff’s, our cottages are stocked with those mugs – and you probably had hot chocolate in one of them at your Gran’s place (you just can’t beat well-made household items).  

When our guests talk about the ‘cottagecore,’ they’re not just referring to a trend. They’re describing the essence of our cottages. This term, often used to describe a visual aesthetic and a mindset that embraces nostalgia, pastoral settings, natural elements, and a back-to-basics way of living, perfectly encapsulates what we offer in both accommodation and philosophy at Duff’s.  

Before cottages became ‘secondary residences,’ they were rustic homes away from home, stocked with the comforts of Mum’s and Nan’s hand-me-down kitchenware—why? Because it was sturdy. 

We’ve stewarded our vast lakefront property and kept the 1970s and 1980s cottagecore vibe in our cozy cottages to bring you back to that nostalgia. From CorningWare in the kitchen to chutes and ladders on the board game table, we are proud to welcome you to our “Cottage Time Machine” in Muskoka. 

Please, do visit. 

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