Digital detox? Duff’s. 

“How about we turn off our screens for a while, kids?”

“Okay, screen time is over” 

How hard is it to get the kids engaged in family life? As adults, we are not immune to distraction, either. How many times have we heard ourselves saying, or thinking:  

“Honey, I know you have work, but can we leave phones off the table?” 

Have you been to a restaurant this year where a lovely handsome couple is seated across from each other at the table…heads down, looking at their phones?  We live in an age of daily distraction which truly disconnects us all.  No wonder we’re dreaming of vacations. 

Sandy Haven Cottage

Let’s reset. 

Think: Bright sunny days at the water’s edge, sand underfoot, book in hand, coffee or cocktail on the Muskoka chair. Kids running amuck across the wide open field behind you, or splashing gleefully in the shallows in front of you. Maybe you have an older child who just wants a quiet paddle. Everyone is engaged – with each other, with Mother nature and the sounds you hear are: “Mom, pass me a towel please?” or “Hey Mom, come swim with us!” 

Maybe it’s a rainy day at the cottage. You are indoors, playing board games, sipping tea or a glass of wine, kids have hot chocolate. Everyone is gathered in a small, cozy room, with the soothing patter of rain drops creating a stillness that feels like rest. 

Sandy Haven Cottage

Let’s imagine a starry night. Bonfire blazing, open sky, roasted marshmallows with a side of stories and laughter. “Grandpa! Tell us that one again!” or “Hey Mom, Dad, remember when…” or even best: “Whoa! A shooting star! Make a wish!” These are the situations we see and the soundbites that we hear observing families come together. 

And it’s honestly why we have kept Duff’s an unaltered traditional cottage experience. Sure, you can reach a Wi-Fi signal if you need to, but our grounds, the waterfront experience and the peacefulness of the resort help tired, over-stimulated brains to unwind, relax and best of all, reconnect. 

We truly hope you’ll try a stay with us. Until next summer, enjoy your families, cherish your time, and we will see you soon. 

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